Home Care

WIZACT 24™ is the first in the world to use technology powered by Actiguard™, a proprietary disinfectant system with Actizone™ – a 24-hour antimicrobial technology that has passed the stringent disinfectant standards according to US EPA RSS24 and UK BSI PAS2424 disinfectant protocols. WIZACT 24™ is proven to be effective in the non-stop killing of bacteria and viruses on surfaces by up to 99.9%, providing protection against multiple touches for 24 hours. 


Daia Floor Cleaner aromatherapy range, is specially formulated with pure essential oils that not only functions as an effective germ-killer but also as a therapeutic experience for the body and mind. With its long-lasting efficiency, you can now look forward to a cleaner, fresher and more relaxing environment. Besides, it will also help you to eliminate the sticky feeling under your feet as you walk across the floor.


So Klin® Bleach helps to make your white clothes whiter and brighter meantime disinfecting and protecting your clothes  from germs and fungus.

Supersol, an economical carbol cleaner that effectively disinfects your floors, bathroom and other areas.

Solve Dishwashing, an expert grease remover and can be used for multi-purpose cleaner.