Mi Sedaap is one of the top famous leading instant noodles brand in Malaysia. The name form by the word “Sedap” which means delicious. Mi Sedaap is famous for its ground breaking good taste and the iconic "Kriuk-Kriuk®" crunchy fried onions . Mi Sedaap never compromises the quality of taste. Mi Sedaap only uses top quality ingredients for superior good taste.

The Original (Asli) flavour is Mi Sedaap's best selling SKU. Mi Sedaap is entitled for the highest rating as Malaysia's favourite Mi Goreng instant noodles brand since 2010 till present (based on AC Nielsen Retail Audit), which earns the title of being Malaysian's No.1 Choice for Mi Goreng instant noodles.

Mi Sedaap will continue to create new innovation to drive new excitement to all Mi Sedaap fans.