Personal Care


GIV is the personal beauty bar soap to keep your skin clean, healthy, and beautiful. GIV beauty soap is made from natural ingredients such as top quality palm oil that has been carefully examined and tested to ensure its quality to nourish your skin. Besides, it is also added with moisturizer formula to moisturize and pampered your skin.
The GIV soap range come with 5 varieties to deliver different moisturizing treatment.

Product Range

Olive Oil
Olive Oil - Rich of nature olive oil ingredients that improve your skin for better, healthy and shimmering feeling. The special exotic perfume scent delivers mysterious personality character.
Golden Honey
Golden Honey - Nourishes skin and increase the radiant glowing skin tone. The golden honey perfume scent increases the confident and charming personality for you.
Curcuma - Is a deeper cleansing soap to deliver brighter skin tone for your body. The energizing perfume is perfect match for energetic personality person.
Rose oil
Rose oil - The sweet floral essence gives a smooth and luxurious skin feeling. It enhances the feminine perfume scent for romantic personality.
Soy Bean Extract
Soy Bean Extract - It’s nourishing skin to brighten and soften body skins. The natural classic perfume scent enhances the elegant personality.