Gentle Supreme Sdn Bhd (497222-U) started out its operations in 1999 as a distribution company for its superior household and personal care products from WINGS group in Indonesia, which had been in the market for more than 60 years.

To name a few of its products’ brand, Gentle Supreme carries Daia Laundry detergent, BOOM powder detergent, GIV beauty bath soap and Mi Sedaap instant noodles. The brand’s success and impressive market share are the result of earning the trust of consumers who demand top quality products for their families.

With its committed team of employees and extensive distribution network, Gentle Supreme products are available in virtually from every provision store to every hypermarket. Consumers have also come to rely on Gentle Supreme for an extensive household needs as the company keeps developing new products to match diverse requirements and preferences. Current products ranges are various types and sizes of laundry detergent, fabric softener, floor cleaner, stain killa, beauty soap and instant noodles. The product ranges will definitely be further more extensive over the time.

Among the most impressive of Gentle Supreme numerous achievements is becoming one of the most trusted brands in the region. Its lengthy experience in the market has given the company great insight into the habits and preferences of consumers, giving the brand the flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing consumer needs.

This flexibility has made numerous of its products from detergents and soaps to household and personal care items, and even its new line in food, market leader in the respective categories. Testaments to the success are the many awards that its different brands have received in recognition of their excellence.


The recognition of their excellence has been reflected in the Business Super brands Award that has been received by Gentle Supreme.

  • Daia brand received a Brand Equity Award for consecutive years (from 2002-2006).
  • Mi Sedaap received the Brand Equity Award for 2 consecutive years (from 2007-2008).

It is proven how much brands under Gentle Supreme have grown with changing trend, the move is towards quality products to satisfy the changing needs and taste of consumers.